Securing a Homeless Hostel? How a Locksmith Can Help You

If you are about to open a new homeless hostel, you may be wondering about the different ways a local locksmith can help you. This article explains some of the jobs a locksmith can perform which will help to improve the safety of residents and staff who live and work in a hostel environment. Read on to find out more.

1. Installing a deadbolt on the entrance

If you are opening a hostel with a single main entrance, the door should be secure. A locksmith will be able to install an electronic deadbolt on top of the door which will ensure that when it is locked it cannot be opened from the outside by anyone, meaning nobody can get into your facility without permission. It will also prevent any residents who are intoxicated or abusive from entering the hostel. This is a crucial security precaution to take and you can choose between a digital lock system (where staff will use key cards) or a key-activated system.

2. Installing an electronic key card system

To make entry to communal areas easier and safer, an electronic keypad system can be installed. A lock with a keypad attached to it is fixed onto the door and if someone with a card wants entry into a room or area, they simply swipe their card on the reader attached to the door. It is very simple to install and the system is very secure. Some systems can even be programmed so that certain codes are only valid at certain times of the day which allows hostel staff to control who has access to different areas at different times.

3. Installing window restrictors

There are benefits to installing window restrictors on the windows inside a hostel. If you are considering using a hostel, you may have noticed that there may be a risk of someone falling from one of the rooms on the upper floor. This is because many hostels are set up so that each room has its own window.  Window restrictors help to prevent people from falling or jumping from a height which could result in serious injury or death. Window restrictors on ground floor windows can also help to prevent people from climbing in from the outside.

If you would like further info, you should make contact with a commercial locksmith. They will be happy to visit your hostel to offer further advice.

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If you are about to open a new homeless hostel, you may be wondering about the different ways a local locksmith can help you. This article explai

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