4 Essential Tips for Replacing Your Damaged Garage Remote

If your remote control is no longer functioning, you should plan on purchasing a replacement for operating your garage door opener. In general, garage remotes are quite durable, but they are not invulnerable. The device will degrade over time due to regular use, and in some cases, the remote might sustain damage due to poor handling. If you would like to keep enjoying the convenience of your automatic door, you will need to acquire a garage remote replacement. Here are simple tips for replacing your garage remote.

1. Evaluate the Damage

You should evaluate the damage before rushing to acquire a replacement remote for your garage opener. In some cases, replacement is not necessary, and you can avoid the costs by conducting repairs. The most important step is to confirm that the remote is the damaged component if your garage door is not opening. Use the manual wall switch; if the door opens, then the remote is faulty. Next, you should check the batteries because the device could be lacking power. You can also attempt to reprogram the remote in case the connection between your door and the remote is broken.

2. Check the Brand and Type

If your garage remote is completely damaged and out-of-commission, you should begin looking for the ideal replacement. Under normal circumstances, it is advisable to replace the unit with a similar one to the original. Simply speaking, you should check the opener motor and determine the brand and model. Then, you can purchase the compatible remote. The remote signal receiver should also have the relevant information. If your garage door opener is old, this is your best choice.

3. Consider Universal Remotes

You should consider choosing a universal remote control. This option is popular for homeowners with newer garage door openers. Universal remotes are ideal because they have numerous features which might not be available for dedicated alternatives. Moreover, you can program the unit to open different types of garage doors on your property. Most universal remotes will work with most of the openers on the market. However, if you decide to choose the universal type, you should make certain that the remote is compatible with your specific opener.

4. Program Your Remote

Finally, you will need to program your purchased replacement garage remote. The programming process is not difficult, and the product will come with concise instructions. In most cases, you will only need to press buttons in a specific pattern to program a standard remote. When programming your universal remote, remember to take note of your brand and its frequency. 

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