Home Security: Three Essential Considerations for Residential Safe Selection

A residential safe is crucial for your home if you have some valuable items such as jewellery that you would like to store safely. Also, this space is vital if you want to secure delicate documents or even guns in your house. The safe will prevent access by thieves if they succeed in infiltrating your home. Moreover, this element will limit access to your sensitive items by your family, guests and contractors. If you are not sure which safe is suitable for you, consider this brief outline of the essential selection factors. 

Resistance to Burglary 

Home safes are primarily intended to protect precious items from robbers who might have succeeded in coming into the house. Therefore, you should inquire about the features which have been installed to prevent access. The structural walls should be sturdy and resistant to denting. The door should not be removable. Often, the burglar resistance in safes is rated by the amount of time which an expert will take to break in. So, you should evaluate this specification. It is also prudent to purchase a safe which can be attached to the ground or wall. This aspect will prevent robbers from making away with the entire unit.

Resistance to Fire

If you are planning on storing items such as computer devices which are sensitive to fire, you should look for a fire-resistant safe. You should note that not all burglar-proof products will withstand the high temperature of a burning house. In general, fire-resistant safes have thicker doors and walls with resilient insulation. The joints of the structure must also be completely sealed to prevent the flow of heat into the isolated space. You should note that the fire resistance in safes can be rated in different ways. Typically, the manufacturer will specify the level of heat that the safe can withstand and the maximum period of exposure. Therefore, you should compare these specifications before purchase. 

Operational Mechanism

Finally, you should check the locking mechanism in your preferred residential safe. This factor is crucial because it will determine the ease of access, durability and even the level of security. However, the decision will ultimately depend on your preferences. Mechanical dial locks are considered to be highly reliable because they have no delicate electronic components which might fail. On the other hand, electronic locks are easier to operate and have more security options.

If you are not sure about other residential safe issues such as sizing, durability and performance, consult an experienced locksmith

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