Door Locks: Parts That Commonly Require Repair or Replacement

Your door lock is your premise's first line of defence against security breaches. Thus, it is prudent to ensure that these locks, particularly in the main entryways, are functioning optimally. Just as other aspects of your property will, door locks will eventually succumb to wear and tear. Below are some of the lock parts that commonly require repair or replacement.

The door lock strike plate

The strike plate is the component that is attached directly to the door frame. These elements come in an assortment of shapes and styles and make up the original design of your door lock. Other than securing the lock's latch, strike plates are typically decorative. Therefore, you would most likely need to replace this component if it has acquired damage on its surface, which would detract from its overall appearance. Strike plates are the easiest parts to replace as they are affixed using a couple of screws. You could choose to replace them on your own, as they do not require much technical expertise. It should be noted that when replacing the strike plate it would be prudent to ensure the new one matches your current latch.

The door lock latch

The latch is the component that will extend from the locking system and into the door frame. It is typically mounted on the lock's strike plate. Over time, latches can become sticky, which makes it difficult for you to open the door. If left unchecked, your door could completely jam, and this could leave you locked either inside or outside of your home. If you find that the latch has started to give you trouble, talk to a locksmith about having it replaced. One thing to note is that latches are not usually sold as single pieces as they come as part of a lockset. Nevertheless, a professional locksmith would probably have individual latches as part of their specialty arsenal, so you may have to depend on your locksmith to provide you with a new one.  

The door lock cylinder

The cylinder is considered the most important part of your locking system because it is what contains the special locking code for the system. If you have lost your keys, your locksmith can opt to re-key the cylinder to grant you access back into your home, which will also mean having a new set of keys to use. However, if your lock cylinder is compromised because a key broke off inside it, or the cylinder itself is damaged, you would have to get the entire component replaced.

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